VST Convolution reverb XR-1 v1.1        

XR-1 image
Would you like to bring high quality room effects to your music? Make your music with XR-1 - zero latency VST convolution-based reverb processor! Free non-destructive amplitude envelope, 7-band linear phase EQ with zoom, high-quality internal sample rate converting, low CPU-spiking, wide stretch control, auto-gain and more features.... More >>

VST tube amp saturator. X-Tube v1.1 ... FREE!        

X-Tube image
You don't have enough warmth of sound? Need a soft drive? The X-Tube, freeware VST plugin - that's what you need!
The X-Tube is real-time simulator of one stage vacuum tube 12AX7 amplifier. Make your music with us ! More >>